Cowplant Keycap - RAFFLE SALE

£23.00 Coming Soon

RAFFLE SALE - opens September 29th at 5pm BST / 9am PT

A tiny cowplant for your keyboard, to inspire a little cozy chaos in your gameplay! In fact, they’ll happily hang out on your keyboard no matter what you’re up to. They’ll be cheering you on every day!

Compatible with Cherry MX mechanical switches - they sit best at the top of your keyboard (esc. / number row) and match an OEM R4 profile.

These artisan keycaps are recommended for gentle use! Each one is individually crafted and hand painted with care. They may tarnish over time if placed on letter keys or commonly used keys.

Also, due to these guys having little horns, they can’t sit side by side - although they’ll fit just about anywhere among other regular keys.


- clean off any dust with a cotton bud or a soft makeup/paint brush
- do NOT use acetone or alcohol wipes
- keys are water resistant (if more thorough cleaning is necessary) but not water proof. Neither is your keyboard. Nor your computer for that matter. Water is best avoided!!

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions! <3