Materials & Tools

Everything I use on a regular basis for minis and larger sculpts. Any purchases from the affiliate links below will gift me a small commission of Amazon’s profit, at no extra cost to you!



Clay (big pack) 

Clay (small pack) 

Clay (sparkly pack) 

Liquid Clay

Acrylic Paint 

Armature Wire (chunky) 

Armature wire (non-chunky) 

Wooden Base 

Terracotta pots (for big cowplants!) 



Pasta Machine (exact model) 

Dotting Tools (exact model) 

Needle / shaper tools 

Silicone Tools 

Acrylic Roller 

Isopropyl / rubbing alcohol (store carefully around kids and pets!) 

Not recommending paint brushes here, but you’ll generally get what you pay for! I often use a round brush (size 4/0) for miniatures and don’t use expensive ones for odd jobs that’ll damage them (eg dry brushing, glazing, texturing clay) cheap ones will do just fine for that stuff.



Ceramic Tiles (check your local hardware store for a variety of size options) 

Cutting mat 

Turntable / Lazy Susan 

Clay Storage Container 



Camera - Canon Rebel T8i / 850D (updated version of my model) 

Lens - 100mm Macro (cannot for the life of me find a global link!) 

Camera Arm (used with iPhone) 

Camera Mount (can support DSLR weight)